Director of Operations

Robert Ellis has been a part of the construction industry for more than two decades. He has worked all across California and is currently managing hundreds of employees, multiple fabrication shops and overseeing many high profile projects. His work ethic, drive and many years of experience have contributed immensely to the success of Martinez Steel.


Through his commitment to excellence and a dedication to professionalism, Robert Ellis alongside Martinez Steel have continued to exceed industry standards by forming strong professional partnerships based on integrity and reliability. These characteristics, along with a deep rooted tie to the rebar industry enabled Robert and Martinez Steel to become one of the most recognized and respected names in contracting.


Robert is able to facilitate the entire construction process; including pre-construction concerns, development of construction budgets and production schedules, management of subcontractors and government entities and the finalization of all projects on the most time and cost-effective schedule as possible. His goal is to continue to grow in all areas of the industry and exceed all goals that are set for him.


Robert and his wife Amber share four beautiful children together and reside in North Fork, California where as a family they enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and watching their son compete in motocross racing.