Lou Parous

Vice President of Manufacturing & Supply Chain 

Lou Parous has nearly 30 years’ experience in the international industrial metals and chemical manufacturing and renewable energy sector in more than 20 countries. His broad experience base encompasses operations and executive management, strategic development, corporate turnaround, supply chain management, value analysis and value engineering, business analytics, industrial product and service line development, market analysis and blueprinting, contract and commercial management, manufacturing, technology, international trade management, marketing, finance, R&D, due diligence, process engineering and M&A activities. Lou brings a creative, hands-on approach and multi-faceted experience background to solve problems, create opportunities, reduce costs, and bring overall value to organizations and its clients. Lou has built and lead multi-functional teams in a variety of product and service businesses in the domestic and international setting and has a deep understanding of the interface requirements between management and operations, strategy and tactics, finance and commercial - all the while, with a customer centered focus and excellent communication skills that builds consensus and critical paths to success.


Lou has previous lived for many years in both Germany and Switzerland and held executive positions in large and mid-size firms in the industrial technology and metals manufacturing space.  He has two patents and has authored multiple technical and business articles and studies related to metals manufacturing.  He has a B.S. in Material Engineering from Auburn University in Alabama and speaks multiple languages from his international experience.


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